2015-16 JAMZ All Star Scoring Update

 For the past 7 years, JAMZ has always been at the forefront of innovations in scoring and judging in the All Star community. From custom computer scoring systems, complete transparency in scores given to all teams by each judge, 1 and 2 point difficulty ranges, and last year,  the Universal Score Sheet, JAMZ has led in scoring through innovation.

In an effort to support the USASF and strive for a Universal Scoring System during the 2014-2015 season, JAMZ along with several others (mainly West Coast Event Producers) successfully administered and executed the USASF Universal Score Sheet. While JAMZ is supportive of a USASF Universal Score Sheet, it is clear the universal implementation of such a score sheet is many years away.  

Today marks a new evolution in scoring at JAMZ. In the same effort to unify the All Star community behind one unified and transparent score sheet, JAMZ is proud to announce that during the 2015-2016 All Star season, we will be using the Varsity/Jam Brands/Epic Brands score sheet. JAMZ believes this score sheet, which has adopted many of the aspects of past JAMZ score sheets, will be a successful system for scoring during the 2015-2016 season. While JAMZ will follow much of the Varsity AccuScore Scoring philosophy in the administration of the score sheet, any changes or departures from Varsity will be clearly identified and made clear to our JAMZ customers.

JAMZ will continue to strive for complete and open transparency in its scoring and its desire to "get it right". At JAMZ All Star competitions and events, coaches will still be allowed to challenge scores and ranges and actively participate in the JAMZ Score Review System. This includes All Star Nationals where personal video review of a team's routine and scores will continue to be conducted by the JAMZ Score Officials. With our constant  desire to get our scoring right along with continued efforts in Judge's Training and JAMZ Score Review, we will achieve these goals.  

For any questions or concerns regarding JAMZ Scoring, please feel free to email David Sims at david@jamz.com. 


David Sims
General Counsel & Vice President of Development
JAMZ Cheer & Dance

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