The JAMZ National Challenge

March 26–27, 2022

Atlantic City, NJ - Tropicana Resort and Casino




JAMZ Championships Dept.

Event Details

Tropicana Showroom - Atlantic City, NJ

Tropicana Showroom is located in Atlantic City, NJ, which is one of the most exciting cities not just in the country but in the entire world, and it also has a world-class entertainment scene that is always filled with great options. Atlantic City has been a hub for major theater and concert options for a very long time, and you'll feel the unique history when you make the road trip to see it for yourself. Just a short trip away from a bevy of major cities on the East Coast, Atlantic City is the perfect escape.


Tropicana Resort Casino | Atlantic City 

Room featuring awe-inspiring, unobstructed view of the ocean executed through beautiful floor to ceiling windows. Over 2300 rooms, 200 square feet of retail, dinning, entertainment, and spa experience!

 Host Hotel - Tropicana Resort

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