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2425CHAMPS - The Champion - Promo Ad rv1.jpg

Mar 29, 2025

Open to:

Youth, NA, School & All Star




Where Can We Win a Bid for THE CHAMPION?

Adventist Health Arena

About Registration

• Register & Pay by the "Early Deadline" to save money!
• Events are subject to fill up prior to the deadline.

Spectator Rates

(per person)

Save Money & Time - Buy Tickets Online!


Performance Surface

54' wide x 42' deep Olympic Elite Fiberglass Spring Floor


JAMZ is always NO STAY TO PLAY. When there are room blocks for this event, they will appear below.

Additional Event Info

SECURITY - BAG CHECK, INSPECTION & SEARCHES - All guests/competitors entering ASM Global facilities are subjected to a voluntary bag or clothing search. Guests of competitors please note that bags, backpacks, purses, clutches, or boxes are not permitted into the venue. The search is voluntary because the guest can refuse, however, the refusing guest WILL NOT be permitted entry to the event. If contraband is found during a search, the guest will be asked to return it to their vehicle or discard it.

Spectator Bag Policy: NO BAGS OF ANY SIZE

The following items are prohibited inside all ASM Global venues:
• Bottles or cans
• Food coolers
• Outside food/beverages (baby food permitted)
• Frisbees and beach balls
• Laser pointers
• Any noise making devices (i.e. air horns, whistles, drums, etc.)
• Fireworks
• Illegal drugs and alcohol
• Audio/Video recording devices
• Weapons and dangerous devices of any kind
• Strollers – Have to be checked in at GR Booth
• Balloons
• Selfie Sticks
• Hydration pack
• E-Cigarettes
• NO BAG Policy
• Any other items deemed unacceptable by ASM Management
All items brought into any ASM Global venue is subject to inspection. There are no provisions for storing or checking prohibited items at the entrance or on site.

Competitor/Coach Bag Policy: Backpacks & Duffle bags will be allowed. However, no ice chests/food coolers

Competitor/Coach Food: Small amounts of fruits, vegetables, homemade sandwiches/salads, protein shakes, water and other healthy snacks will be allowed in. (NO Starbucks, Dutch bros, or any type of fast food or restaurant foods will be allowed).

Room Blocks

Competition Travel


Stay & Save! Competition Travel is our Official Travel Partner and has made arrangements for discounted hotel pricing at select hotels to ensure you receive the best pricing for our events! In need of a block of rooms? Email, call (303) 683-7013 or book online.




Event Address

248 W Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95203

Venue | Know Before You Go
Venue | Prohibited Items


Located in the Stockton Arena Garage next to the arena or surface lots along Fremont Street. CREDIT CARDS ONLY.

Event Schedule

  • Prelim: Three Tuesdays prior to the event

  • Draft: Two Tuesdays prior to the event
    (You then have 24 hrs to make changes)

  • Final: Monday prior to the event by 5pm

Schedules sent to emails entered in registration.

Awards & Giveaways

So many ways for teams to win!
Here's what we're giving away:

• Cup Trophy Program Awards- NA/DI/DII
• Banners
• Ribbons
• Acrylics (Jumps/Stunts/Choreo)
• Congeniality Award
• Grand Champions (Yth/NA/Sch/DI/DII)
• Level Champions (DI/DII)
• Program Champions (NA/DI/DII)
• Challenge Cup Rings (Division Champions)
• Novice Ribbons
• Novice Superior Pins
• Exhibition Medals

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